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From broad-spectrum CSR consultation to individual services like research, project selection, project planning, budget analysis, project monitoring and assessment, skilled manpower, special resources etc. to businesses that would like to do their bit for the environment 


Provides conscientious wilderness experiences and environmental-themed activities and products to the patrons of hospitality and tourism businesses 

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Aiming to help create a environmentally-conscious generation, Eco At School offers schools a wide range of support and know-how; from curriculum design to learning resources and aids to workshops to project-work opportunities.


Our Service to the outdoors

For years, the monsoons have rejuvenated Mumbai. The sudden cool, the scent of rains and the burst of greens have always left us Mumbaikars refreshed. Its been the time that many of us have sought adventure in teaming woods within and around Mumbai but with the recent past ,many in Mumbai cant help but cringe at the thought of monsoons.

    And so, in an effort to help Mumbai rediscover the adventure and joy of the monsoons, we with the help of Mumnbai Mirror hosted the Outdoor monsoon festival 'In Our Nature' at the Sanjay gandhi National Park in 2006

    The festival had a Threefold objective. Firstly, to reconnect Mumbaikars with the thrill of the rains through adventure activities like Rappelling, Trekking and Nature Trail secondly, to reintroduce Mumbai to its sylvan refuge - the Sanjay Gandhi National Park at its glorious best in the rains. Mumbai needs to be reminded of the only National Park in the world, situated in the heart of a mega polis that provides clean air and drinking water to the city. Thirdly the festival aimed to engender in Mumbaites a sense of belonging towards the park, to make them aware of its grandeur its biodiversity and on the other hand its plight, through talks, interactive sessions, make people feel the need to contribute and so culminating into a clean up drive and therefore offering them ways to contribute to its preservation.

I - Day Trash Dash - 2007   

To know more about Trash Dash click here noet_eco_iday_trash_dash1.jpg

Do you fancy spending the Independence Day holiday rappelling down a cliff Cliffhanger-style and then scrambling around in a crazy-fun marathon competing with others to see who cleans up the Sanjay Gandhi National Park the most? If yes, then you might want to read on.

Forget waking up to blaring patriotic songs, lazing around and going for a lame I Day themed sale/party/movie on this National Holiday. Instead, try some adventure sports and feel good by doing something for Mumbai’s green spaces at this year’s I-Day Trash Dash hosted by the Natura Outdoor Education Trust (NOET) at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivli, this 15th of August.

A mix of Adventure sports, games, a marathon and a clean-up drive, the event will see 100 Mumbaikars get a free session of Rappelling, an exciting way to descend rocky cliffs using special adventure equipment, and then participate in a clean-up drive which will seem more like a mad marathon out of a Telegames episode than the serious environmental effort it actually is!

“The idea is to have loads of fun while doing something positive for our nature.” Says Prahlad Kakar, Trustee of NOET. “The event celebrates the spirit of activism that won us our freedom by focussing on a issue that’s pertinent to us Mubaikars – the choking of our green spaces – while being adventurous and fun at the same time.”

So if you’d like to spend your I-Day a little more differently this year, be sure to register yourself for this year’s I-Day Trash Dash.